G.K. RUBBER PRODUCTS in one of the Leading Manufacturer of Rubber products to have more than 36 years of Experience & ISO Certification in various Rubber products manufacturing

We Established in 1985 at the capital city of Tamil Nadu – Chennai. We offer Extensive Product Range of products with more than 36 years of Experience & ISO Certification in various Rubber products. Our Biggest Strength & Ability is to integrate our wide pool of Knowledge, Experience, Skills & Resource into Manufacture / Develop the required products with supreme quality.We incorporate innovation in Design , Development, Manufacture, Delivery and Post Delivery Support with High Quality and Reliability in Recent Trends from Inflatable seals to Extruded profiles, Metal Bonding, Rubber Lining etc. with High Quality and Reliability.

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Striving on always to grasps the needs of our customers and contributes to building a sustainable society Ever since our founding in 1985 under the trade name of Lakshmi Rubber & Plastic Products company, Rubber have been at the center of our product and business development. In the more than 37 years since our founding, G.K Rubber Industries has sought to earn society's trust by following management philosophies that emphasize being


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Holisticly brand sustainable solutions rather than clicks-and-mortar applications. Phosfluorescently whiteboard fully tested initiatives.

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